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Yoga & Wellness Workshops 


Exploring Tarot 

I will be offering The Women’s Yoga Tribe Series in the SPRING of 2021! This six week series will focus on Exploring Tarot. Tarot is based on the 5 Elements and Ayruvedic principles.  Exploring Tarot is a tool that helps us to understand our inner voice and supports us in unlocking our intuition. We will spend time outside during this series, so please be prepared for all kinds of weather. Depending on Mother Nature, we may walk, wander, meander or practice yoga outside. WINTER IN MAINE CAN BE UNPREDICTABLE. We will hold an open, adventurous & flexible mindset around the weather. Students will be encouraged to dress for the weather & wear "outdoor play clothes".  

Space is limited! Pre-Registration is required.

* Cultivating Life Balance by Harnessing the Energy of The Spring Equinox

Spring 2022  - Dates - TBA

$40 per person

$75 for you and a friend

We currently have 2 spots left in this Spring Equinox Workshop - Join us!

* Stress Management with Essential Oils, Yoga & Relaxation Techniques

Join Essential Oil Guru, Lana Hall & Yoga Therapist, Tracy Blake-Bell for an educational & experiential workshop. Students will gain clarity around their personal stress responses & develop simple & effective stress management strategies.



$ 45 per person

$80 for you and a friend

Paper Organizing Workshop


Get Organized, Reduce Stress & Have More Time for What Matters Most

  • De-clutter & organize that pesky paper organizing projects you have been avoiding!
  • Get a handle on your daily household paper!
  • Become more organized and confident with household and task management!
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list.
  • Become more relaxed, confident and in control of your life and dreams.

Friday Evening - May 22, 2022

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Some of our past gatherings - 

Goals With Soul 

* Improve Sleep With Yoga 

* Full Moon Yoga Workshop Series

* The Yoga of Eating

The Women's Yoga Tribe - Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation * Hiking & Nature * Journaling, Mantra, & Sacred Sound 

The Women's Yoga Tribe

Join us in 2022 for the next Tribe Series

Pre-Registration Required -


Improve Your Sleep With Yoga

Learn powerful yoga practices & simple wellness strategies that will help you sleep better! This workshop is popular & powerful. It will help you to rest, relax & recharge so you can live your best life! Date 

Full Moon Yoga Class Series

Tap into your intuition during our Full Moon & Spring Equinox Yoga Series. Learn ancient ways to honor & explore the full spectrum of lunar energy. In this series we learn ancient lunar rituals, spiritual traditions & yoga practices to harness the energy of the moon.

Goals With Soul 

Monthly Mastermind Group!   1.5 Hour Monthly Workshops.  Create a soul-centered, fulfilling, intentional & meaningful goals . Get inspired & be encouraged to reach your most important life aims. Set soul-centered goals & create a personalized strategy to fully embody what matters most in this life!

Ayurveda & The Doshas

This Class is for Intermediate & Advanced Students

Fuel Your Fire -

Build Strength, Self-Reliance & Authentic Empowerment