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Summer Yoga 2021 - Yoga Classes & Series - 


This Weeks Class Openings Drop-In Classes & Make-Ups!  

The Week of Monday July 5th

  • Please email or text if you are interested in joining us!  You must reserve your space in class.  Thank YOU!
  • [email protected]       OR     Text - 207-577-0675   (If you text, please let me know who you are:)
Make-up classes are free.  

If you would like to join us for a drop-in class the cost is $15

If you would like to join us for the remaining classes in a series, classes cost $12.5 each!

Please ‚Äčlet me know if you would like to join us for one of the following drop-in or make-up classes this week!

Monday July 5th

3:45-4:45 PM

We have TWO available spots in this class this week

Monday July 5th

This is a gentle yoga class

5:15- 6:15 PM

We have ONE available spot in this class this week 

Monday July 5th

This is an intermideate  yoga class

6:45 PM - 7:45PM

We have ONE available spot in this class this week

Tuesday, July 6th

5:45PM - 6:45PM

We have ONE available spot in this class this week

Thursday, July 8th


9:45AM - 10:45AM

Our Next Woman's Yoga Tribe will begin in September!

Please let me know if you are interested in joining us!

We will be unraveling the mystery of The Tarot!

Students will gain insight & knowledge to be able to intuativly read Tarot for themselves and friends with confidence

We have a few spots left in our Summer YOGA CLASS Series. 

 Please see below for the handful of classes that still have room for new students.  I hope you can join us!

If you would like to join us for a drop-in class please check back here once each week.  If there are openings for make-ups or drop-in classes - they will be posted on this page. 

June, July & First Week of August - 8 Week Series - $100

The Yoga Studio Will Be Closed From June 22nd - June 27th.


Monday, June 7th - July 26th. - We have 1 spot open in this class

3:45PM - 4:45PM

8-Week series - $100

Monday, June 7th - July 26th. - We have 1 spot open in this class

This is a gentle yoga class designed for people who are either new to yoga or who are dealing with some physical limitations.

5:15PM - 6:15PM

8-Week Series - $100

Monday, June 7th - July 26th. - Full 

Moderate Level Yoga Class

6:45 PM - 7:45PM

8-Week Series - $100


Tuesday, June 8th - July 27th. - Full

8- Week Series - $100

9:45AM - 10:45AM

Tuesday, June 8th. - July 27th.  - We have two spots left in this class

8- Week Series - $100

5:45PM - 6:45PM

Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm - 8:15pm (note dates)  There is one spot Left in this class 

6-Week Series - $70

from May 25th - June 29th (this series will continue after June 29th. JOIN US! 


Thursday, June 10th - July 29th.  - FULL

8- Week Series - $100

8:15AM - 9:15AM

Thursday, June 10th - July 29th.  - We have one spot left in this class

8 -Week Series - $100

9:45AM - 10:45AM

Thursday, June 10th - July 29th - FULL

8- Weeks - $100

5:00PM - 6:00PM

Thursday, June 17th - July 29th (note dates)   - FULL

7 - Weeks - $90

6:30PM - 7:30PM

I look forward to our Summer Yoga Practice!


September 2021

Exploring Tarot

Tarot For Self-Growth & Understanding

Time and Dates TBA

During this 13 week series we will learn to expand our intuition, connect to the Tarot cards & gain the skills we need to explore meaningful and transformative tarot readings. We use readings to connect to our own inner wisdom, gain clarity & expand self-inspired & positive change.

Stress Management & Reducing Anxiety With Yoga & Essential Oils

With Yoga Therapist, Tracy Blake-Bell & Essential Oil Guru Lana Hall!

Time & Date TBA

Yoga is a rich & balanced lifestyle. The elements of a well rounded yoga practice are overflowing with stress management & anxiety reducing activities. The diverse & ancient practices are now being verified through extensive research as effective tools to manage stress & reduce anxiety. 


Custom Yoga Classes -

Gather 3-6 friends & we can pick a time for the four of you to have a Custom Yoga Class! $50 for a one hour yoga class. 

I have resumed seeing Yoga Therapy Clients. Let me know if you are interested in exploring this uplifting and transformational work. I currently have space in my schedule for 2 new clients. 

Thank you for being a part of our yoga community!  

Love & Gratitude, Tracy

Yoga Classes & Private Sessions

Our Community Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy & private yoga sessions are creative & unique. We weave yoga philosophy, yoga lifestyle, therapeutic techniques & Ayurvedic concepts into physically intelligent postural sequences . The asanas (postures) are experienced within the greater concept of Yogic principles. Individualized Yoga & Polarity sessions allow for the student & teacher to formulate a system of equilibrium & healing that supports personal strengths & cultivates life balance.


Drop-In Yoga Classes - $15

Custom Yoga Classes - $50/hr

Yoga Therapy Session - $125

(1 1/2 hours)

3 Yoga Therapy Sessions - $325 ($50 Savings!)

(1 1/2 hours each)

Please make all checks out to:

Integrative Yoga LLC

Yoga Therapy Sessions

What does a yoga therapy session look like?

Sessions begin with a focused discussion that helps the client and yoga therapist gain clarity regarding the various aspects of life. These inquiries give individuals a clear picture of what is working well in their lives and what areas of life would flow better with some shifts. The typical session last 1 1/2 - 2 hours long and it is most effective to schedule between 3 - 6 sessions with a Yoga Therapist. During the session the yoga therapist will work with the client to formulate yoga postures and sequences, breathing exercises, meditation practices, guided visualization methods, yoga philosophy concepts, Ayurvedic lifestyle applications, thought and behavioral awareness, stress management techniques as well as time, routine and lifestyle management systems. Yoga Therapy Clients leave their first session with simple yet powerful tools that will deepen their understanding of yoga and transform their personal practice.  Yoga Therapy is the KEY for many individuals to unlocking the life they truly desire.

139 Libby Road,

Leeds, Maine 04263

Drop In Classes - $15

Custom Classes

Together we choose a time & design a custom class for your book group, co-workers or girlfriends. THIS IS AN AMAZING WAY TO BUILD A TRIBE OF POSITIVE & SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS!