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Spring 2021 - Yoga Classes & The Spring Women's Yoga Tribe Series 

This Weeks Class Openings -

Monday,  April 12th - 6:45PM - 7:45PM

Thursday, April 8th - 8:15Am - 9:15AM

Make-up classes are free.  If you would like to join us for a drop-in class the cost is $15

Please text # 577-0675 if you would like me to save your space in class.  Please state your name & if you are hoping to make-up a class or drop in!  Thank you.  Tracy

Indoor Yoga Classes & Spring Yoga Tribe

Studio Information & Guidelines

- We will begin a new 9-week series begins the first week of April & concludes at the end of May. See below for our class dates & times.  As vaccinations increase we will slowly add one more student to our regular classes.  As spaces become available, they will be listed on the class schedule. 

- We will resume a few drop-in "Pop-Up" outdoor yoga classes as soon as the weather warms up a bit.

- The Spring Woman's Yoga Tribe Session begins on Sunday, April 25th at 8:00AM and our Wednesday Series begins on April 28th at 6:00PM

- Please review all Covid-19 guidelines for indoor & outdoor yoga classes.

April & May - 9-Week - Indoor Class Series 2021

Pre-Registration Required - Email Us Today!

[email protected]

Cost $100

Monday, April 5th - May 31st.  ( 1 Spot opens on April 19th - Cost $80)

9 Weeks - $100

3:45PM - 4:45PM

Monday, April 5th - May 31st.  ( 1 Spot opens on April 19th - Cost $80)

9 Weeks - $100

5:15PM - 6:15PM

Monday, April 5th - May 31st. ( 1 Spot opens on April 12th - Cost $90)

9 Weeks - $100

6:45 PM - 7:45PM 

Tuesday, April 6th - May 25th.  ( 1 Spot opens on April 20th - Cost $80)

9 Weeks - $100

9:45AM - 10:45AM

Tuesday, April 6th - May 25th.   FULL

9 Weeks - $100

5:45PM - 6:45PM

Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm - 8:15pm (note dates) - FULL

9 Week Series $100

from 3/23 - 5/18 


Wednesday Evenings - Six Week Workshop Series

Exploring Subtle Energy Through The Five Elements

Wednesday Evenings - April 28th - June 2nd (Make-up Date - June 9th)

6:00PM - 7:30PM  - $125

Thursday, April 8th - May 27th. ( 1 Spot opens on April 8th - Cost $90)

9 Weeks - $100

8:15AM - 9:15AM

Thursday, April 8th - May 27th. ( 1 Spot opens on April 22nd - Cost $70)

9 Weeks - $100

9:45AM - 10:45AM

Thursday, March 4th - April 29th (note dates) - FULL

9 Weeks - $100

5:00PM - 6:00PM

Thursday, March 4th - April 29th (note dates) - FULL

9 Weeks - $100

6:30PM - 7:30PM


Sunday Mornings -six Week Workshop Series

Exploring Subtle Energy Through The Five Elements

Sunday Mornings 8:00AM - 9:30AM

April 25th - May 30th (Make-up Date - June 6th) Cost - $125 

I will be offering The Women’s Yoga Tribe Series in the SPRING of 2021! This six week series will focus on Exploring Energy Through The 5 Elements. The 5 Elements are the building blocks to understanding Energy & unlocking your intuition. We will spend time outside during this series, so please be prepared for all kinds of weather. YOU KNOW SPRINGTIME IN MAINE CAN BE UNPREDICTABLE. We will hold an open, adventurous & flexible mindset around the weather. Students will be encouraged to dress for the weather & wear "outdoor play clothes".  

Spring Workshops

Stress Management & Reducing Anxiety With Yoga

Time & Date TBA

Yoga is a rich & balanced lifestyle. The elements of a well rounded yoga practice are overflowing with stress management & anxiety reducing activities. The diverse & ancient practices are now being verified through extensive research as effective tools to manage stress & reduce anxiety. 

If you plan on joining us for our APRIL/MAY yoga class series, The Women's Yoga Tribe, or one of our workshops, please review our studio guidelines below. Thank you for helping to keep our little yoga community healthy. As we move towards herd immunity & higher rates of vaccination, we will open classes up to four students. It will also be wonderful to begin practicing outside!

Much Love & Gratitude, Tracy


1) I am requesting that all students take their temperature at home on the day they attend yoga class. If you have any signs of a fever, please stay home. 

 2) Please attend class ONLY if you are feeling your best. It is perfectly fine to attend class if you have seasonal allergies that have been diagnosed by a healthcare provider or if you have a minor concern that you are positive is unrelated to Covid-19.  

3) If you have any reason to think you may have come in contact with a Covid positive person, please, self-quarantine for 14 days or be sure to get a Covid-19 test before returning to the studio. There are many testing locations throughout the state. Here is the link for Covid-19 testing locations in our area. If you are interested in getting the Covid-19 Vaccine here is the link to create a reservation for an appointment. Maine Health # 1-877-780-7545.  

4) If you attended a class, then discovered that you came in contact with a Covid positive person - Please notify me as soon as possible and we can determine if any contact tracing is required. At this point, the CDC does not recommend second person contact tracing, but as a community we can make the decision to exceed government recommendations. If a student tests positive and has been in class, it is required that the student notify me and I will notify the CDC and any individuals that may have been affected. I aim to be extremely cautious but also hold confidentiality in high regard. WE CAN DO THIS! I know how much we care about each other. Our community members have consistently been cautious. 

5) I have placed small pieces of tape on the floor of the studio to help us to remember to keep plenty of space between students. Please use the tape as a guide for yoga mat placement. Please keep your yoga mat behind the tape and use it as a reminder to socially distance. Six feet is recommended, but we are aiming to maintain 8-10 feet (I measured - we are actually over 10 feet apart;) between participants. Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket and other supplies if possible. If you forget your yoga supplies, don't worry we have some you may use. At some point we will add a fourth student to our classes & we will be moving the mat placement guidelines. Let's support each other as we continue to transition & adapt to the ever changing landscape. Yoga is ALL about EXPANDED ADAPTABILITY!

6) Let us all look at this time as an opportunity to take extra good care of ourselves and our loved ones. We can reduce the risk or severity of many illnesses by doing what we can to improve our overall health. Aim to get as much sleep as possible, stay hydrated, eat your veggies, go for your daily walk and remember how yoga has been shown to improve immune system function and reduce stress! WE CAN DO THIS!

7) Please remember your yoga community is your extended family. If you find yourself under quarantine or under the weather, please reach out to us! There is a small Yogic Army willing to run errands or make soup if you need it. Remember we create a "Covid Club" this summer, if you need anything we are here!


-We require students to wear face masks inside the studio.

-Currently we require that students maintain at least 8-10 feet of social distancing at all times for indoor classes. As the Covid landscape changes, we will add a fourth student to our classes, but still maintain at least 7 feet between each student.

-Please only one student in the entryway at a time.

-Apply hand sanitizer before and after class.

-Please bring your own yoga mat and yoga supplies if possible.

-Please place your yoga mat behind the tape line on the floor.  

As recommended, we plan to use natural ventilation as much as possible and for as long as possible (MAINE FOLK ARE TOUGH!), to increase outdoor air dilution and purification. Air ventilation has been shown to be an extremely effective mitigation strategy. After every yoga class, I spray a natural disinfectant in the air, open the windows fully and air out the studio. I have also been disinfecting door knobs, bathroom surfaces and the yoga studio floor in between every class. I have extended the time between classes to 30 minutes. This gives me some time to clean (I am sorry if I sometimes seem more rushed then usual :). All yoga mats and blankets are washed and quarantined for 4 days. Please remember to bring an extra layer of clothing and a blanket since the studio temperature fluctuates due to the windows being open.  

To keep our yoga community as safe as possible, I have decided to close the studio for the entire week after the Thanksgiving Holiday. I think this can help limit any viral spread due to family gatherings. We will begin a new 3-week series starting December 7th and ending before Christmas.  

We require all students and teachers to follow the self-screening method recommended by the CDC prior to each & every class or workshop. Please do not attend yoga if you answer yes to any of these screening questions. Please take your temperature the day you attend a yoga class or workshop. 

  • Have you had a cough or sore throat?
  • Have you had a fever or do you feel feverish?
  • Do you have shortness of breath?
  • Do you have loss of taste or smell?
  • Do you have unexplained muscle aches or fatigue?
  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these or other flu-like symptoms within the past 14 days?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?
  • Have you traveled in a high risk area in the last 14 days?

Please do not attend yoga if you answer yes to any of these screening questions. If you miss a class due to self-quarantine - please let me know and we'll fit you into another class! I will be offering a few make up classes at the end of the 3 week series, so don't worry if you must miss a class.



Custom Yoga Classes -

Gather 3 friends & we can pick a time for the four of you to have a Custom Yoga Class! $44 for a one hour yoga class. 

I have resumed seeing Yoga Therapy Clients. Let me know if you are interested in exploring this uplifting and transformational work. I currently have space in my schedule for 2 new clients. 

Thank you for being a part of our yoga community!  

Love & Gratitude, Tracy

Yoga Classes & Private Sessions

Our Community Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy & private yoga sessions are creative & unique. We weave yoga philosophy, yoga lifestyle, therapeutic techniques & Ayurvedic concepts into physically intelligent postural sequences . The asanas (postures) are experienced within the greater concept of Yogic principles. Individualized Yoga & Polarity sessions allow for the student & teacher to formulate a system of equilibrium & healing that supports personal strengths & cultivates life balance.


Drop-In Yoga Classes - $12

10 Class Pass - $100

(must be used within 3 months)

Custom Yoga Classes - $250

(6 weeks with 6 friends)

Yoga Therapy Session - $110

(1 1/2 hours)

3 Yoga Therapy Sessions - $275

(1 1/2 hours each)

Please make all checks out to:

Integrative Yoga LLC

Yoga Therapy Sessions

What does a yoga therapy session look like?

Clients fill out a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire that helps the client and yoga therapist gain clarity regarding the various aspects of life. These inquiries give individuals a clear picture of what is working well in their lives and what areas of life would flow better with some shifts. The typical session last 1 1/2 - 2 hours long and it is most effective to schedule between 3 - 6 sessions with a Yoga Therapist. During the session the yoga therapist will work with the client to formulate yoga postures and sequences, breathing exercises, meditation practices, guided visualization methods, yoga philosophy concepts, Ayurvedic lifestyle applications, thought and behavioral awareness, stress management techniques as well as time, routine and lifestyle management systems. Yoga Therapy Clients leave their first session with simple yet powerful tools that will deepen their understanding of yoga and transform their personal practice. Each client will receive a personalized and detailed 1-2 page session summary 1-2 weeks following their first session. This summary will provide them additional tools they can implement that will help them to keep the positive energy and momentum flowing until their next session. Yoga Therapy is the KEY for many individuals to unlocking the life they truly desire.

139 Libby Road,

Leeds, Maine 04263

Drop In Classes - $12

10-Class Pass - $100

Monday Nights

5:00 pm – 6:15 pm (Gentle)

6:30 pm – 7:45 pm

(Fitness & Philosophy)

Tuesday Mornings

9:15 am - 10:30 am

(Mindfulness & Movement)

Goals With Soul - Yoga Lifestyle Planning MasterMind

Last Tuesday of Every Month

(Pre-Registration Required & Yoga Lifestyle Planner Included)

6pm- 8pm (FULL)

Thursday Mornings

9:15am - 10:30am

(Yoga Therapy Applied)

Custom Classes

Together we choose a time & design a custom class for your book group, co-workers or girlfriends. THIS IS AN AMAZING WAY TO BUILD A TRIBE OF POSITIVE & SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS!